Google Classroom Codes

Google Classroom

All communication with the class will be through Google Classroom. Use the codes below to join your class’s Google Classroom. Make sure to turn on notifications for Google Classroom so that you are alerted when new posts have been made. It is not acceptable to come to class unprepared because you “didn’t see” a post. Each day the assignment will be posted on Google Classroom as well as other important documents and announcements from class.


Google Classroom Codes for 2020-2021

1st Period/Math Intervention: awc2wf7

2nd Period/Math 8: t4k67eb

3rd Period/Math 7: ywdpgky

Strategies: v47hmte

5th Period/Math 7: xv6znmx

6th Period/Math 8: r7mkfr2

7th Period/Math 8: u5zgsqk