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Ohatchee Elementary School

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  • Elementary Pre-K-6th Grade

Ohatchee Elementary School

Elementary Pre-K-6th Grade
365 J Street
Ohatchee , AL 36201
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    Pre-K Registration

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    PRE-K REGISTRATION 2019-2020




    Calhoun County Schools 2019-2020

    Kindergarten Registration

    Thursday, March 14th

    8:00 - 2:00 PM

    - Bring current power bill

    - Complete registration paperwork

    - Bring birth certificate




    Ohatchee Elementary School

    365 J Street 

    Ohatchee, AL 36201

    Phone: 256-741-4800

    Fax: 256-892-2040


    Principal- Tesha Crump

    Email- tcrump.oe@ccboe.us

    Phone- 256-741-4801


    Assistant Prinicpal- Shasta McFry

    Email- smcfry.oe@ccboe.us

    Phone- 256-741-4802


    Super Administrators       OES Administrators Rock!!

General Information



    Mission Statement

    Ohatchee Elementary School believes that the learning potential of every child is limitless. Hand in hand, the teachers, staff, students, and the community are committed to the success of every student becoming responsible global learners. OES provides a positive and secure environment that fosters:

    I nnovative
    N urturing
    D ependable
    I maginative
    A cademically Competitive
    N oble
    S uper Students!

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