Second Semester Traditional versus Virtual Intentions

Second Semester Traditional versus Virtual Intentions


We are opening the link on November 2, 2020 for students to let us know their intentions for the second semester in terms of traditional vs. virtual school . The link is below and also located on our FaceBook Site and the Calhoun County Schools Home Web Page.

The students have three options:

1. Virtual remaining virtual - In order to remain virtual, students MUST complete this survey.  Otherwise, they will be expected to return to traditional school.

2. Virtual returning to traditional.

3. Traditional going virtual - This option will automatically link the student to an application for virtual school.  It must be completed in order to be officially enrolled in the program.

This survey/application processs will close on December 4.  After that date, students will be required to have a note signed by a medical doctor stating a need for virtual school.