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August 18th, 2020 - Back To School Guidelines 

(First Day of School)



  • 6:50 am - School will open (buses unload, car riders can be dropped off, the students who drive can arrive on campus). Students will be directed to the cafeteria to eat breakfast or to the gym if they are not eating breakfast. Students will not be allowed to sit in their cars when they arrive at school, roam around campus, or congregate in any location on campus. 




  • 7:11 am - all students will be released from the cafeteria and gym to report to homeroom. Posters with homeroom assignments are posted on the front doors of the gym, inside the gym, on the entrance doors to the school, in the upstairs hallway, and in the cafeteria. If students do not know who their homeroom teacher is, please check the posters in the aforementioned locations.




  • 7:15 am - Mr. Keith, Mr. Brazier, Mrs. Prater, and Mrs. Tomlinson will meet with all grade levels individually in the cafeteria. Starting at 7:20 am - 7:25 am, we will call (using walkie-talkies) for each grade level individually to report to the cafeteria beginning with seniors working our way down to the 7th graders. Ex. Seniors will report to the cafeteria, we will meet with seniors, then send them back to class. After the Senior meeting is over, we will call for 11th-grade to report to the cafeteria, meet with them, then send them back to class and so on and so on. 




  • When grade level meetings are over - we will let everyone know when to release students from homeroom and what class period students should report to at that time.




  • CTE students will attend CTE classes at the Career Center on the first day of school. 




  • After grade-level meetings, we will run the remaining of the day on a regular schedule. 




  • 2:23 pm - all students will be released from school. Bus riders report to the bus loading area (where buses unloaded in the morning) the buses. Car riders and students who drive report to the top parking lot to leave campus. No loitering by any students anywhere on campus!



Important Reminders: No congregation in any location on campus, no sitting in cars when you arrive on campus, no roaming the campus when you arrive at school (all students report to the gym or the cafeteria). If a student reports to the cafeteria, they must eat breakfast. If a student is not eating breakfast, they should report to the gym. If you report to the cafeteria, you will remain in the cafeteria until it is time to go to homeroom, same goes for the gym. Masks are required! Please practice social distancing whenever possible! Wash your hands as often as possible! We have hand sanitizer located outside of every classroom. Make sure you use hand sanitizer before entering the classroom!

Grade Level Meetings


  • We will have schedules for students who do not have one.
  • We will have Chromebooks for the students who have money to pay.
  • We will have lockers available for students (grades 7-10) who have money to pay for a locker.
  • We will have parking decals available for students who have money to pay for a parking spot.
  • While students are in homeroom (before the grade-level meeting or after the grade-level meeting) teachers will review procedural expectations for students ex. lunchroom procedure, student transition procedures (walking on the right side of the hallway, masks on, social distancing, no congregating at lockers, hallways, or in the bathrooms) go over morning/afternoon procedure, check-in/out procedure, tardy policy, attention signal (hand up - WE ARE… WEAVER), go over sanitizing protocol for students, etc. 


7th Grade Homerooms Teachers 

McCluney - Rm# 202

Harper - Rm# 101

Thornton - Rm# 405 

  1. Brown - Rm# 105

Scott/Hamby - Rm# 103


8th Grade Homeroom Teachers  

Fulmer - Rm# 405

Gay - Rm# 305

  1. Lewis - Rm# 306

Winn - Rm# 104

Griggs - Rm# 102

9th Grade Homeroom Teachers 

  1. Brown - Rm# 204

Burns - Rm# 403

Davis - Rm# 205

Mize - Rm# 304

Oliver - Rm# 302


10th Grade Homeroom Teachers 

Garcia - Rm# 406

McGlaughn - Rm# 106

Roebuck - Rm# 206

Smith - Rm# 203


11th Grade Homeroom Teachers 

  1. Lewis - Rm# Media Center 

Talley - Rm# Media Center 

Holland - Rm# Band Room 


12th Grade Homeroom Teachers 

Atchley - Rm# Gym 

Maples - Rm# Gym 

Taylor - Rm# Gym