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Scoliosis screenings

Screening for your child will be February 28th.  A few weeks before the scheduled screening a form will be sent home.  Fill out the paperwork and send it back if you would like for your child to be screened.  Forms not returned will result in your child not being screened.

The Alabama State Department of Education and Alabama Department of Public Health requires that school districts in Alabama offer and provide scoliosis screening for male and female students in grades 5 through 9.

Screening is performed by observing the uncovered spine, viewing the student from the back, side, and front and also from all sides with the student bending forward. If a spinal problem is suspected, the child will be rechecked at a second screening. Parents of students found to have signs of a possible spinal abnormality will be asked to see their own physicians for further evaluation.

Girls and boys will be screened separately to ensure privacy. They can wear gym clothes, bathing suits, or other clothing that may be removed easily.

If your child is currently under treatment for a spinal deformity, please let us know and your child will be exempt from the screening process.