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Intention Survey for Studenst

Below is the link for students to let us know their intentions for the second semester in terms of traditional vs. virtual. Students will have three options: 


1. Virtual remaining virtual - In order to remain virtual, students MUST complete this survey. Otherwise, they will be expected to return to traditional school. 

2. Virtual returning to traditional

3. Traditional going virtual - This option will automatically link the student to an application for virtual school. It must be completed in order to be officially enrolled in the program. 


This survey/application process will close on December 4. After that date, students will be required to have a note signed by a medical doctor stating a medical need for virtual school. We had to do a lot of “moving deadlines” first semester because we had no idea what to expect. Now that we know better we can do better! This deadline will be a hard deadline that applies only to traditional students who wish to apply for our virtual program beyond December 4. We will continue being flexible in allowing students to return from virtual to traditional during the second semester. It is just better for our students to be face-to-face.