• Welcome to Mrs. Young's Class!


    Welcome to 7th grade! I am so excited about this school year! We have alot of exciting topics that we will study this year!

    Some of these topics include:

    • Integers
    • Equations 
    • Ratios
    • Proportions 
    • Real-Wolrd Applications with Fractions 

    Check back here weekly for updated information on current topics and resources that can help your child at home!


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  • This Week in 7th Grade Math: 

    We will continue learning about Equations. Students will use manipulatives to learn how to solve equations with unknown values. 


    Other Announcements: 






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  • 7th Grade Newsletter Week of October 10

    This week in 7th grade……..


    English Mr. Franklin 741-6953 ffrankli.sm@ccboe.us

    The class will be reading from Written in Bone.  There will be class discussion as well as individual writing assignments.  We will continue our grammar, reading, and writing activities as well as IXL.


    Math   Mrs. Young 741-6926   lyoung.sm@ccboe.us

    We will finish rules this week on Integers. We will test on all operations of Integers on Friday, October 14.


    Civics Mr. Henderson 741-6949 rhenders.sm@ccboe.us

    Stride on Monday, This week we will be reviewing our notes on the law and how it affects us.  We will have test later this week.


    Science Mrs. Baker 741-6919 cbaker.sm@ccboe.us

    This is our last week in Ecology. There will be a test on Friday covering the material. We will look at the ponds again for life.


    Other Announcements: FALL BREAK- NO SCHOOL October 17-21!!

    Red Ribbon Dress- Up Days!

    Monday October 10th  (Wear all the red you can!)

    Tuesday October 11th (Crazy Hair Day)

    Wednesday October 12th ( Pirate Day)

    Thursday October 13th (Sunglasses and Neon Clothes Day)

    Friday October 14th " Throwback Day"

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