History Club
  • December 14, 2019 is the Bicentennial of the Statehood of Alabama.  The State of Alabama organized the Alabama Bicentennial Committee to oversee the events that cities, counties, and schools will be having until December 2019.

    The Department of Education presented a packet to all Alabama Schools to submit a project that would enhance the school and the community.  Each submission was judged and only 200 schools in the state were selected to be an Alabama Bicentennial and White Plains High School is one of those two hundred!  When the project is completed each school will submit a final report on the project.  Three schools in each Congressional district will be selected as an Alabama Becentennial School of Excellence.  These schools will be given a special invitation to attend the Bicentennial Celebration in Montomery.

    The Hudson Cemetery Beautification page will keep you abreast of the project we will we doing at White Plains.  This project is open to all in the White Plains area and/or if you know you are a descendant of anyone buried in the cemetery.  We also have a Bicentennial facebook page that you can follow as well.

    The White Plains History Club is in charge of the project.  The History Club was chartered in the Fall of 2012 with Stephanie Matthews as the sponsor and Hunter Gentry as the President.  We are a member of the National History Club.  Mrs. Deirdre Giddy is sponsor of the History Club.

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