Dr. John Peed



Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. John Peed

Dr. Peed has been teaching choral music in high schools and colleges in New Mexico, Texas, and Georgia since 1976 before retiring in 2012. He has degrees from University of Northern Colorado (Doctor of Arts), St. Mary's University (Master of Science in Educational Leadership), and University of Kansas (Master of Music, Bachelor of Music Education). He has been happily married for 24 years, and has three children (all married), six grandsons, and three dogs. Upon learning from some AHS football players that AHS was in need of a choral director, he immediately started the Alabama certification and Calhoun County application process Dr. Peed is extremely excited to be back in the choral classroom and is anxious to develop a new "choir family".


    Period 1: Introduction to Musical Theater

    Period 2: 9th Grade Choir

    Period 3: "Cub" Period

    Period 4: Senior Robed Choir

    Period 5: Chamber Singers

    Period 6: Planning/Lunch

    Period 7: 8th Grade Choir

    Period 8: 8th Grade Choir