• Focus has been busy this year.  We worked the seventh-grade orientation Camp Raider and enjoyed meeting the new Raiders and helping them get settled into the high school.

    We are small in number but have hosted a variety of events this year including reading with the k-2nd grades at PVES, making a valentine painting with the fourth and fifth grades at PVES, hosting Red Ribbon Week, including guests speakers from "Under the Influence, Under Arrest."  

    We celebrated holidays with each other with lots of laughter, treats, and fun!  

    We went into 7th and 8th-grade classes and taught how sugars can be hidden in all processed foods and  how to reduce your sugar intake including how to read nutrition labels.

    While our year may not be ending how we expected, the FOCUS club will continue next year with Mrs. Goosby as its sponsor and I encourage everyone in 9-12th grade that is interested in serving your fellow students and having fun to come out and apply for membership.