In attempt to broaden the experiences of students and tap into hidden passions and talents, Wellborn High School held its first monthly “Club Day” on Wednesday, February 3. EVERYONE on campus was involved including administration, teachers, paraprofessionals, custodians, and even one of their regular substitutes that came to be a part of this new and exciting day.

         Adults were asked to select a club or two they wished to sponsor in addition to our core clubs that were already established. Students were then given the opportunity to select their top three or four choices on a Google Form. The clubs were arranged allowing Career Tech students to select one club to attend and all other students were assigned to two clubs with seniors having priority. Everyone received at least one of their choices with most senior high students receiving both their first and second choices.

         Wellborn hosted 35 different clubs throughout the day. They held 23 clubs in the morning and 23 more in that afternoon; some of which were repeated due to high interest. There were guest speakers from the National Guard, JSU, GSCC and a local church that teachers had secured for their specific clubs. Students, faculty, and guest alike were enthusiastic and very involved throughout the day.

         Administration received nothing but positive feedback and were thrilled that many of the students collaborated in writing mission statements for their clubs, made suggestions or shared visions for future meetings, had meaningful conversations with adults and other students across the grade bands, and are anxious for the next “Club Day”.