• Vision Statement
    It is the vision of White Plains High School to implement Rigor, relevance, and Reality for the Twenty-First Century Learner.  We will strive to use strong rigor to teach students to think independently, work collaboratively, and master the concepts to be college and career ready.  Students will understand the relevance of all subject areas so that they may be successful for the reality of our diverse world.  We will work together as staff, administration, and community to build and upgrade facilities for safety and technology, grow faculty, and add a broader choice of  electives for our students.
    Mission Statement
    The mission of White Plains High School is to provide a learning environment that encourages each student to reach his or her potential academically, creatively, and emotionally.  The staff of White Plains High School is committed to producing graduates that are active learners, respectful individuals, and are college and career ready in order to succeed and make a positive impact on the work.